About the Program

Vocabulary in Action provides students the skills they need to effectively and powerfully communicate their ideas and thoughts in everyday life. Through direct instruction in vocabulary as well as a variety of methods including practice exercises, assessments, and word meaning activities, Vocabulary in Action gives students the boost required to increase their ability to read, write, listen, speak, and perform well on standardized tests.

Available in digital editions, Vocabulary in Action challenges students to learn and retain the meanings of words through helpful definitions and rules of vocabulary are included right in each chapter to strengthen students’ knowledge of words.


  • Vocabulary practice is presented in context in a variety of formats
  • Weekly spelling lists and vocabulary quizzes provide assessment of student needs
  • Opportunities for vocabulary practice and testing are interspersed throughout the program
  • Interactive vocabulary activities and games help students learn prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, and antonyms

Program Components

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