Voyages in English
Voyages in English

Voyages in English (K–8) is an award-winning, research-based supplemental language arts program that empowers students to become dynamic communicators.

Phonics in Action

Phonics in Action (K–2) provides systematic and explicit phonological and phonemic awareness and phonics instruction, which are essential to literacy success.

Exercises in English

Exercises in English (3–8) is a comprehensive grammar supplement designed to reinforce teaching and provides practice in grammar, usage, and mechanics.

Reading in Action

Reading in Action (1–8) is a supplemental reading program that integrates with Voyages in English to reinforce grammar and writing concepts and build reading skills.

Vocabulary in Action

Vocabulary in Action (4–8) provides students with direct vocabulary instruction and practice to expand vocabulary and improve standardized test performance.

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English Skills in Action
English Skills in Action

English Skills in Action (C–F) is a holistic approach to language learning that integrates listening, speaking, reading, and writing to promote the acquisition of English.

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